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INSPIRED by the past. The Rose Bowl Stadium has been a welcome mat like no other since its doors opened in 1922.  It has provided stories and memories that span generations.  It has hosted over 100 Rose Bowl Games, two Olympic Games (with a third in 2028), five NFL Super Bowls, two World Cup Finals (with potentially a third in 2026), countless UCLA home games and decades of premiere concerts. 

INSPIRING the present. In order to INSPIRE, the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation has three key fundraising initiatives that can be supported with a tax-deductible contribution; Capital Improvements, Heritage Protection and Education Programming.

Capital Improvement Projects
The core of the Legacy Foundation’s efforts are rooted in ensuring physical, positive change at the venue through capital improvements to keep the venue vibrant, relevant and exciting for its patrons.  The Foundation is the sole capital funding source of the protection, preservation and enhancement of the National Historic Landmark known as America’s Stadium.
  • Construction and Renovation of the Terry Donahue Pavilion and Keith Jackson Broadcast Center
  • Restoration of the historic scoreboard clock on the South rim
  • Re-installation of the historic field hedges on the east and west sidelines
  • New video boards and scoreboard technology
  • Expanded concourses and gates
  • Improvements for patron safety (i.e. widening tunnels, updating gates, adding new security systems, etc.)
  • Updated stadium lights
Heritage Protection Projects
Through the Legacy Foundation’s Heritage Protection Program, the inspirational and leadership moments of the Stadium’s history are displayed through statues, monuments, historical markers, strategic imagery around the venue, and museum-like exhibits. A philanthropic gift can help complete or highlight a specific project.
  • Jackie Robinson Statue at the Rose Bowl Stadium 
  • 1999 Team USA Women's World Cup Statue at the Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Keith Jackson Statue at the Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Peyton Manning Historical Marker at the Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Restoration and renovation of both original locker rooms at the stadium used from 1922-1928
    • 1922 Locker Room Museum (located in tunnel 15A)
    • Legacy Center (located in tunnel 7A)
  • Spieker Field Naming
  • Historic image collection around the concourse
Education Programming
The Rose Bowl Stadium has inspired 100+ million fans since its opening in 1922 - now, the National Historic Landmark is utilizing its past to inspire and educate the next generation of fans - our youth and community – through educational programming surrounding sportsmanship, leadership, ethics, integrity, inclusion and more. 
  • Honda Field Trip to the Field
  • Robo Rally Driven by Honda
  • Women's Leadership Symposium
INSPIRATION for the future. By making a gift to support the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, you're helping to INSPIRE.  Your gift will propel its mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the future of the Rose Bowl Stadium as a National Historic Landmark.  Your gift will propel the venue forward through a renewed commitment to our visitors, a continued promise to our community and a shared responsibility to the nation as one of the most iconic and unifying venues in the world. 

Through the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, your donations will proudly:
  • Contribute to the INSPIRE Campaign, which aims to raise $40M total in new, private donations in support of the venue as it approaches its 100th birthday in 2022.
  • Prepare our venue with the preservation, renovation, restoration and enhancement for the next generation.
  • Enable our venue to remain state-of-the-art through appropriate capital improvements.
  • Excite millions of future relationships with friends, young and old, that pilgrimage to the Rose Bowl Stadium to make memories.
  • Maintain the National Landmark status to allow visitors to learn, live, play and thrive in the history of millions before them. 
  • Revitalize the energy of the Central Arroyo. 
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You can also donate by mail.  Please make your check out to Legacy Connections or the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation (d.b.a.) and mail your gift to:

Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation
1001 Rose Bowl Drive
Pasadena, CA 91103

Thank you from America's Stadium!  

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Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation FAQ
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Depends on a few factors like if you received a reward in exchange for the donation and the value of your donation above that rewards cost, etc. You may contact the nonprofit you donated to directly to receive information on whether or not your donation is tax deductible. Nonetheless, the emailed receipts you will receive for your donation is the documentation you need to make it tax deductible.

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Do I get a receipt?
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We will not share or sell a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.